• Benefits for You and Your Employees

    Group and Voluntary Employee Benefits, Buy-Sell & Succession Planning, and Key Person Protection Planning an More!



    Are able to cost effectively provide relevant and competitive benefits and incentives that will help you attract and retain the "best team members"?

    In addition to health plans, we offer Group life, Disability and other benefits. Plans can also be offered on a voluntary basis, as an alternative for, or enhancement to, core benefits. The right combination of benefits and key employee incentives can be a game changer for your business.

    Buy-Sell Planning & Succession Planning

    When you're ready for the next step in your journey, will you or your family receive an amount that represents your fair share of the business value?

    80% of business have wondered about this question, but failed to implement a plan to ensure the answers. Documenting your plans, valuing your business properly, and then funding and protecting yourself and the business to ensure it all comes together is critical.



    Whether it's you and your partners or a top employee on your team, have you made sure your business can afford to continue during a transition?

    What happens if you, one of your partners, or a critical employee in your business becomes ill or passes away unexpectedly? By protecting your business against the unforeseen, you can ensure that your business has the resources needed to replace a key-person with minimal financial impact to your business.